Craft Tutorial: Baby Room Decor

***Design Tutorial!***
~I just finished these sweet initial picture frames for Baby Girl #3’s Nursery and I LOVE how they turned out, so of course I had to share with you all!~ Easy☑️ and Inexpensive ☑️!!!
✔️Wood letter(s) of your choice
✔️Frame(s) of your choice
✔️Hot glue gun
✔️Thick sparkle scrapbook paper
✔️Ribbon of your choice
✔️Paint for your wood letters
✔️Small paint brush

*First (this is always my advice for crafts/design) think of your theme and colors…In my example my theme was Glamorized Shabby Chic and my colors were going to match the walls (pink, gold, blue… I used the extra wall paint I had!)
* Paint your wood letter(s). Leave the backside blank but make sure to paint the sides of the letter(s). Set aside to dry.
* Cut out paper to fit into your frame..**To make it easier, use the fake picture or cardboard that comes in your frame as a template to get the perfect cut!
* Cut out lace to fit (over your paper) in your frame.
* Put lace over paper and place into the frame.
* Once wood letters are dry, hot glue them to where you want on the glass frame…I put mine in the center.
* Measure how far you want your frame to hang and cut ribbon accordingly.
*Hot glue the ribbon onto the back of the frame (see picture).
* Last, make a bow and hot glue onto the top of the ribbon

***You can get very creative with this: make the whole name, use different color ribbons/papers,etc. This is a very fun/easy craft and it makes a Beautiful Statement in a room! Have Fun! 💞


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