Easy Craft For That Special Someone

~CRAFT Tutorial~
Do you need a thoughtful gift for your special someone (Your wife, husband, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, best friend, teacher, the list is endless!)? How about making a jar of sweet notes?!?! Easy and FUN! 🙂
*Jar of your choice (I bought mine on Amazon)
*Thick paper (I used scrapbook paper because it is thicker) for the outside of jar
*Decorative scissors
*Hot glue gun
*Decorations of your choice for outside of jar (I bought mine from the scrap booking isle at Michael’s Craft Store)
*Paper (to write your notes on)
*Little pieces of ribbon/yarn (To tie up each note)
***For a little extra WOW factor: Get a pretty box to put your jar in (I purchased mine from Michael’s, they usually have them on sale), and filler for your box.
~Directions ~
*First, Pick a theme for your jar. What do you want it to look like? Colors?Decorations? Hint: Think of your special someone’s interests/likes.
*Decide how many notes you want to make (They can be sweet/funny, whatever) and write them down on small pieces of paper. Roll the notes and tie each note with your yarn or thin ribbon.
*Use the thicker paper you selected to write/type what you want the outside of your jar to say. Then cut a pretty border using your decorative scissors.
*If you have a laminator, laminate the paper that will go on the outside of the jar. *Then hot glue to front of jar.
*Hot glue your ribbon under the lid.
*Hot glue your decorations all over jar and lid.
*Place your beautiful jar in a box with filler and give it to your special someone and they are going to enjoy a sweet note everyday! Who wouldn’t LOVE to get such a thoughtful gift like this?!?!?
***Take a look at the pictures to see an example of the jar and decorative box to place the jar in! I made this for my Grandma’s 89th Birthday, I had family members write down special notes and I made 89 notes to fill this sweet jar!***


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